Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Welcome to Van City!

Shout outs to the most fabulous, the most groovy dell on earth and apologies for so shamelessly ripping your blog riffs. Consider it my belated (and quite distant) tribute! After too much loafing Andrea and I have finally organized ourselves sufficiently to load up our Vancouver, CA blog.

To celebrate, we're psoting PIX of our recent trek up Mt Seymour just out of town. Vancouver has been lost for five days now under a creeping and recalcitrant fog. The whole city appears shrouded, veiled perhaps in its early winter modesty. With new most excellent pal Danny (look for the more competent male in the attached documentary evidence of our travails) in tow we marched up the face of said mountain. Was truly and spectacularly ohmigod lost for words awesome.

Lovely lady, most delicious wife is cooking up an agadashi storm in the next room so best return to her attention. Love to all Melbourne/Australian departed souls. We miss you.


At 4:16 AM , Blogger hell said...

oh hello cleverest, miss you beautiful bastards in this hot and pretty town.

snow looks good to me.

x x x x


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