Monday, January 02, 2006

pink peppercorns, red wine and the wolf parade!

Happy New Year All!

Andrea and I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's, no matter what that night may have entailed - from a night in on the couch with your nearest and dearest to one of those parties that starts on Friday and finally ends sometime after lunch on the following Tuesday. I hope it did the business!

In keeping with the winter chill outside Andrea and I decided to stay in, turn the stereo up, let the red wine flow and finally experiment with the lentil, goat's cheese and pink peppercorns masterpiece that we savoured in the Barbarcan with two of God's own favourites in London in March (greetings Pats and Sarah!!). Andrea put in the hard work in the kitchen preparing the lentils whilst I tended to the soundtrack...

...after popping out for more red wine after dinner (strangely for a Duff I had erred in thinking that one bottle would suffice for the night - what a foolish error!), Andrea had finished her infamous lemon and lime tart. Now the tart is to blame for the mayhem that followed (the extra bottle of wine may have played its part, but who can say...), sugared up with the best shortbread pastry this side of Lindeman Avenue, Maroochydore and with enough red wine to keep our spirits high we notched the volume up a little higher and decided that a good old fashioned lounge room boogie was in order.

For reasons best left for another day, the fabulous personage of Dell Stewart was mentioned at one point (absent friends alas) which only inspired some rock and roll madness in homage to the queen of dirty sneakers, hair tossing and tight jeans herself! Well as you can see from the photos happy days with the yeah, yeah, yeahs, the arcade fire and wolf parade providing the requisite rock and roll (ain't noise pollution!).

Now thankfully for the hangover, we are not as light on our feet as we once were, so with breath evading us we let the neighbours have some peace some time after midnight. We put the redwine aside, sloughed down a couple of pints of water to ward off the New Year's day blues and retired to the couch for an old Jimmy Stewart film.

Some folks have all the luck - a magic night!

Happy New Year and much love!



At 5:15 AM , Blogger hell said...

hee hee, glad to be there in spirit at least!

you monkeys have a good year huh. big hugs and stompy dancin feet...



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