Saturday, February 11, 2006

This One's For Troy and Charlotte

Hey There Bike Buddies,

With Vancouver enjoying an early taste of spring - six days of clear skies and brilliant sunshine - with even the daffodils deciding that it's high time to get up and out, Andrea and I roused the bikes from their winter hibernation and hit the Stanley Park trails. As you'll see with the wonderful photos, it was a perfect day for a ride! Andrea and I took the forest path through the park slowly climbing all the way through conifer forest to Prospect Point high above the Lion's Gate bridge over to North Vancouver. You'll especially appreciate the photos Ray and Tina with me larking about in the famous lightning tree! The views from Prospect Point were breath-taking today with clear skies and uninterrupted views of Grouse Mountain and Mt Seymour behind it.

We then turned back from the point and rode our bikes along one of the quieter trails to Third Beach and then along the sea-wall all the way back into town to the Burrard Street bridge. We then crossed over into Vanier park for our picninc lunch among kite-fliers and dog walkers and little kids out enjoying the late winter sun. Just delightful though more that a little cold. After our lunch we decided that maybe it was still too cold to loiter so we jumped back on our bikes and headed home. A fantastic ride - really one of the best. Reminds me a lot of the Noosa Heads national park - so Troy you can probably imagine what that must be like to ride through.

Greetings also to Ray and Tina - thanks once again for such a magical two weeks - the trip to Whistler was a real highlight! I hope the jet lag isn't too bad and that work is treating you just fine.

Now vege hot-dogs await - the perfect way to end a fucking ace day!


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