Sunday, May 14, 2006

we do hate canada..really

i believe that i have been disingenous in consistency with the title of this blog of late
it may appear that i actually love canada
just because it is extremely beautiful...all those mountains and snow and rainforest and water and progressive politics and the sweet friends we have made and well....its just not true
well these are the top 10 reasons that i dont
1. there is no a4 size of paper in this country apparently thats a european measurement
2. they refuse to take part in the metric system and continue to pally around with not only the inches but also the feet
3. though there is a cute name for the one dollar coin ...the loonie because there is a loon on it, it does not permit the name of toonie for the two dollar coin....who decided this?
4. despite the loathing of the country below, when it suits them they will jump on the north american was the the best...most advanced continent in the world band wagon
5. they are tooooo nice
6. they line up even when there is no observable queue
7. they apologise even when it was not their fault
8. two words ....sweet beer
9. the obsession with outdoor sports wear...fleece and gortex
10. they dont swear enough


At 12:40 AM , Blogger hell said...

HA! all good reasons too.

lucky you have our foul-mouthed blogs to help you keep it real...

can't wait to see youse.


At 12:41 AM , Blogger hell said...

polar fleece. poor ang. is she coping ok?


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