Monday, August 14, 2006

Happy Birthday/Anniversary and Other Happy Moments...

Greetings friends, family and comrades afar!

In recent days I have once again been accused by those I love of being 7 - reverting in all ways wonderful to the manner and preferences of the always cheerful seven year old. You know that wondrous age just after the slack-jawed dependence of infancy, yet prior to the torment of one's teenage malaise. Seven, a wonderful age where everything is Saturday morning cartoons, playing with your ever rotating cast of "new best friends" and otherwise discovering just how god-damned amazing this world is...well to return to my theme, these last few weeks I have once again discovered my inner seven year old and with it that elusive mojo.

It has helped of course that this has been the month of the endless celebration. Commencing in mid July with Andrea's birthday and passing through my own grand day through to the 13th of August with our wedding anniversary, this truly is the month of happy days and boundless cheer. Well why wouldn't one be cheerful with a beautiful, witty and creative wife to make one feel glamorous despite the advancing years and the receding hairline?? I digress. Of course Brooke's arrival has added yet more mirth to an already merry confab of friends and family. Happy days indeed comrades.

I think I will tell the story in photos rather than endless verbiage this time. My blog has from its inception attracted comments of a slightly admonitory tone regarding the author's fondness for his own less than sparkling witticisms. But hey, this is the bright new world of self-publishing - I think self indulgence has become mandatory. Anyway, at least you get to enjoy the photos of my delightful female companions!

And delightful they have been through beach visits and mountain treks and bar room beers and local country bands and peaches and cherries and more beaches and so on and so forth.

Oh and of course, the best of all MOUNTAINS and HORSES, for just about the best birthday present since my Mum and Dad gave me that SS junior jumbo (as used by the master blaster Viv Richards himself - Ok so he used the adult version but hey, a kid can dream right!!??) on my 10th birthday.

I love my new painting that much! How lucky am I (and I got a new book - which is great - and a new CD - which is great too!) you'd be feeling 7 too I bet! Check out the semi-finalists at this link for some great new music (very fine summer days sing along).

Here's to summer birthdays!!


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