Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wedding Party

Wedding Party
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So after a wonderfully relaxing two weeks in Australia it a timely point to begin recounting certain highlights and happy memories from this awesome trip. Top of the list of course was Charlotte and Troy's wedding; such a great night, though naturally a little blurry towards the end. I of course blame Paul and Graham and Allister for this - that last $15 cocktail at the order of Melbourne was well near wasted on me though I do recall the awesome punch that was loaded into that small glass. Why is it that $15 cocktails only make sense at the precise moment one is least likely to actually savour the experience, much less appreciate the intoxicating effects. I often think that if I am ever able to solve this most puzzling of enigmas I will be well on the way to solving one of mankind's most damaging and enduring struggles. Hmmm, this gives me pause for quiet ponderings...


At 10:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again I've been wrongly accused! Alli


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