Monday, May 28, 2007

Sailing to Victoria Island

Greetings Comrades!

Recently I had the very great good fortune to be invited to a Health Canada symposium on drug monitoring systems - now before you berate for having the committed the predictable sin of gross sarcasm, I say good fortune because I was able to take the leisurely option of travelling to said symposium via the Gulf Islands ferry. This meeting was held in the the delightful port of Victoria capital of "Beautiful British Columbia". Lest I be accused of adding the blight of irony to my earlier transgressions let me add that our fair province really does deserve this particular title. Especially when the sun in shining on the deep blue waters of the Georgia Straights! Formed some billon-million years ago by the mysterious work of vast glacial formations (or merely some 10,000 years ago if you believe the "Intelligent Designers" to my south - and yes now I am being both ironic and sarcastic!!) the Georgia Straights are a joy to behold. The work of glacial erosion has helped to create any number of tiny isolated islands in among the deep channels ot the straights so the sailign is magnificent. Often times the ferry passing ominously close to the shores of tiny islands that can occupy no more than an acre or two. Always though, the water is deep and clear. This photo was taken just as we left the clear water and entered into the Gulf Island reaches - the lighthouse marked the entrance to the passage. Just awesome - the last time I travelled ont he ferry to Victoria the mist and rain were such that I remained trapped in doors the whole way - we could scarcely see the islands it was so foggy. So this trip really made up for it.

Otherwise work is crazy busy though the loving attentions of a fine woman is making up for it all - luckiest fellow in all the known lands and regular visitors know only too well!

Happy days friends and my damn head-cold is clearing up to boot.



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