Thursday, July 19, 2007

On the Bus - Starting Out

This is my loose chronicle of our recent four day tour of the Canadian Rockies taking in Jaspar, Banff, lakes too numerous to mention, lookouts, river gorges, canyons, wetlands, moose and elk. We have been meaning to do this tour for some time and so Andrea's birthday seemed like the perfect occasion. The tour bus was great fun and we met some wonderful people from all over the world - including many Australians and Kiwis. It was a wonderful trip though very exhausting with all the sights to see.


At 2:45 AM , Anonymous ZION said...

Hi Andrea and Camada!

Are you enjoying my humble, red neck province? Bet you'll never leave...

Happy Birthday, Andrea, you ol' hag!

hehehehe. Lovely pic, glad you two are having fun.


At 7:00 AM , Anonymous zoe st john said...

Hi You & You,
Love you guys, get all warm & fuzzy seeing this spunky snaps. The rockies looked amazing..isn't kinda like where The Shining was filmed? Not sure. Anyways, went to Vietnam recently, with Phoebe, I'd post my snaps on me blog-but i don't have one. Oops! so, what tunes you listening to, then? Zoe x ps. thinking of going 2 india with 2 friends next year 2 do the bendy thing, & cos I love it. Which place did u go?

At 2:45 PM , Anonymous all of canadia said...

hi amy see you at school soon!

hi miss zoe
we miss you
especially when in new york
we went to The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in kerala
check it out
i will email more with details
love to you


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