Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cure for Jetlag!

Summer is naturally awesome wherever and whenever one is fortunate enough to experience it but summertime in London really is something else. For a city preternaturally cold and grey most of the time, the sun and the blue skies and the green fields of its bounteous parks really stir the spirits. Oh yes, and chasing a little boy and a football around a park in the midst of a city in the grip of world cup fever really is the best cure for jet-lag of all time! Amory has been blessedly well behaved these last couple of days considering the inhuman torture we put him through - 30 hours travelling time between beds is cruel on anyone but little people especially dislike it. Fortunately, Amory slept on his mum for most of the flight from Malaysia to London and then slept soundly the first night here in London so we really can't complain. Andrea and I are mixing work with shopping and long walks. Really is lovely over here right now with a heat wave and the world cup to keep us happy - too good!


At 9:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys!! Jacqui Kelleher here, dad mentioned you were heading here so I thought I'd check out your blog...I'm living in London, east end!! But work in a great lil French restaurant in South Kensington, how long are you here for?? Would love to say hello an catch up over a coffee or something, let me know if you are free my mobile here is 07851952775!! Either way have a fantastic time in London :) j


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