Monday, December 12, 2005

Look at our lovely new home!

After this afternoon's intemperate rant regarding the travails in our (un)fair harbour city let us move on through the blogosphere to more enchanting subjects...after many moons waiting (and waiting and waiting) our long lost Melbourne possessions have finally arrived here in Vancouver. Appararently the trip around the moon has done them all the world of good! Andrea and I have been up to our necks in boxes unpacking our books and clothes, marvelling at how we have survived for so long without this bounty. A yoga teacher once told me I should treasure opportunities to learn the evils of possessiveness, but I'll leave that to the wandering sages of the I like stuff. I especially like my stuff! So have posted a photo of our newly decorated lounge room - nice one. I've also included a natty pic of me inhabitating Andrea's latest tour de force...a temporary play shelter in Vanier park. We were each amazed that the installation lasted the night without being molested by local ne'er-do-wells. Perhaps there is greater appreciation for art amongst local yoof than we had realized. Anyway, we had a swell time marching out to install said work under leaden skies at 7 in the morning. My god was it cold, but I've already told you that story.

When's the bloody cricket going to start again? All this news from Sydney is in danger of leaving me distraught at the state of my fellow citizens...


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