Monday, December 19, 2005

Nothing Makes Me Happier Than A Maiden 200

Ohh how I miss the cricket...nothing bespeaks summer more powerfully than two Australians batting all day in the sunshine. What a marvellous feat, 200! Summer's here friends! Time to load the fridge with cold beer, tune into the ABC coverge and mute the TV. Twist lid on beverage of choice and relax.

Or something...not quite so much fun in -5 rain and snow, but hell I'll turn my imagination to the task. Merry christmas!!

Andrea and I had a most enchanting weekend, including a fantastic arts and craft block party on the drive. Will post a long blog tonight about it all.

Hodge arrives at the double
By Chloe Saltau, Perth
December 20, 2005

Brad Hodge spent most of Sunday night "lying awake thinking of the possibilities", but they scarcely could have included the kind of magical double century with which the 30-year-old Victorian truly launched his Test career yesterday.

Hodge did not know whether to "cry or scream out" after he steered a ball behind point to become the first Victorian batsman to score 200 in a Test since his idol, Dean Jones, more than 15 years ago.

South Africa was 2-85 at stumps last night and remains 405 behind with eight wickets in hand.


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How can you possibly live in Vancouver - one of the nicest cities anywhere - and hate Canada?

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