Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rain Ahhhhh

OK I know I'm only making this worse for myself - my obsessive attachment to the weather network website ever hopeful that the sunshine icon may yet appear in the forecast page. Alas no...honestly we have now had one month of rain! Daily downpours have become as reliable as Oprah at 230 or that damn alarm at 7am. I've also begun noticing exotic creatures travelling in pairs behind some poor bedraggled ancient around our fair city. Soon the arc will be upon us! Locals here shrug their shoulders and mention the foolishness of building a city in the middle of a rain forest (with the emphasis now on rain with much of the original forest logged out). I'm trying to keep an open mind about this, yet it doesn't help with news from home of yet another sunny day with light winds and 32 degrees. Just you wait, I will have my revenge in August when I finally get to celebrate a birthday in the sunshine. Patience Cameron!

With much love!


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