Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Footy's Back!!!

OK no more pseudo erudite ruminations on the state of the modern Australian Labor Party involving comparisons with the Australian cricket team in the 1980s! My weekend slandering of the record of captain grumpy Alan Border was irresponsible and historically inaccurate to boot. Speaking of boots (nuff nuff!) the change of seasons surely deserves a shift in my sporting analogies. As you can see, the damn ALP isn't even there at the contest! Where's Mal Michael coming over the top with the big fist to the boundary! God and Howard putting one through from a set shot right in front! What's the world coming to...nightmare scenario friends! Now we've seen it all. At least the Lions beast is back up and running giving the hapless bombers a pasting on the goldie over the weekend. Footy's back! Hooray! Forget politics...first bounce if you don't mind Mr Umpire and carn the lions!


At 6:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh what a witty blog
you appear to be not only handsome but smart
i really like all your pictures
especially of that lady with the brown hair
i have to admit i am a little tired of the rants about cricket
its good to see you moved onto the footy
keep on truckin...

At 8:12 AM , Blogger hell said...

hey handsome! i'm recovering from a brookie birthday bonanza and i wonder how you sweet peas are poddong. good good. it was one big love in for that glamourous minx and also the rest of us.

angie got the text BUT no credit. rachie & me got exited about you visiting! is it true?



At 10:15 AM , Blogger lady miss marquise said...

Hi, the gorgeous Pat told me about you two and directed me here as I'm shortly returning to Vancouver shores after 9 years in the UK so thought I'd drop by, say hello, make myself a cup of tea...


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