Friday, May 19, 2006

And another thing...

To add a post-script to my earlier post; the phrase "okey-dokey" a la Ned Flanders is so commonplace among Canadians to only confirm my earlier assertions about Canadians and their PC-predilections. Moustaches and funny glasses appear to be mandatory, whilst few locals seem to frown on socks and sandles together in the same outfit. Surely this is the land of comfortable footwear and earnest politeness. Yet for all that, Vancouver is very nearly as spectacular as Sydney - maybe even more so - and with the sun shining and the temperature now regularly passing twenty degrees it sure is easy to put up with all this politeness. It's just not natural! That's my beef!! If only they could learn to swear a little more a fella could relax a little...fortunately I'll soon be back for a quick break in the land of boorish insensitivity to common courtesy. Not a moment too soon!


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