Monday, November 27, 2006


before, originally uploaded by cameronduff.

Sunshine and foliage makes this look like a different room in a different town in a different country...


At 12:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Cameron and Andrea,
I’ve spent way too much time “hating Canada”, but reading of your adventures has left me genuinely heartwarmed! If the ‘blogosphere’ has disabused us of the notion that a million monkeys with typewriters will eventually produce Shakespeare, it does occasionally provide a window onto folks loving their lives, each other, snow, smog and other natural phenomena. Go team Canadia!

You’ve inspired me to leap bravely aboard this new fangled technology. And for that, you get to choose the title of my forthcoming electric journal: “Hold my Coat and Snicker” (I’m not going to insult you with the reference) or “Audacter Calumniare” (and here I will implicitly call you philistines) from “audacter calumniare, semper aliquid haeret” – “slander boldly, something always sticks”, Francis Bacon’s Advancement of Learning).

Ok, I think I need to work on my message length etiquette. At least I am not turning your interweb home into a makeshift bazaar.

At 11:50 AM , Anonymous all of canadia said...

ooooh i love long messages....and even though i am leaning towards hold my coat i have to say my vote is for audacter calumniare!!!!


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