Monday, November 27, 2006

we actually love canada

we actually love canada, originally uploaded by cameronduff.

Let me share a secret with you friends - snow makes everyone and everything in life seem just that little bit extra special. Like the second pint on a summer's day - everything seems that little bit more rosy as life takes on a hazy glow. Well that's snow comrades! Vancouver has rushed head long into winter this past two days as over 50cm (yes that's half a fucking metre!!) of snow has fallen across the downtown. It's a terrible cliche but we now live in a winter wonderland as every object out of doors - including wandering dogs and lonely crows - has been dusted with a thick blanket of fluffy, powdery wonderment.

Andrea and I have been besides ourselves all weekend. It started on Saturday afternoon as we left the cinema at around 3pm after seeing the new Bond film...(stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW, get up from the desk and head straight to the movies and see it! Daniel Craig is hot, hot, hot as the new cold blooded killer Bond!)...outsidethe movies the temperature had dropped precipitously into a sub-zero calamity and the skies had taken on a near biblical hue - the apocalypse was upon us!!

Hurrying home the skies descended even lower as the snow started falling - looking out the window now some 48 hours later the snow is still falling in a soft, gentle wash. Vancouver has slowed to a crawl and - leaving the best for last - both school and work have been cancelled (WOOHOO!!!!) as the public transit system has ground to a halt leaving commuters to sit at home counting their blessings!! When does this ever happen friends!? I was literally forced to "work at home" today as only 5 people were able to make it to the office (hah suckers!) - too stupid to phone in sick with the whole world outside slowly sinking into the Pacific under the weight of two days worth of snow and ice! Andrea's school has closed for the day and damn it people can just cope with their drug hell some other way today - we're out in the snow! Enjoy the photos!! Oh and by-the-way, we're never coming home! Snow's the most fun thing in the whole world!!


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