Monday, May 28, 2007

Great Views

Now the next part of the story concerns the magnificent location for the Health Canada symposium - I guess these fat-cat federal bureaucrats really know how to party eh? Ottawa, the nation's capital where most Health Canada staff are stationed, was still experiencing the death-throes of winter in mid-May so most of the HC staff who made the journey spent the whole time on their blackberry's emailing bemused colleagues and boasting of their good fortune. I think on the second day most staff bunked off to play golf or some such the weather was so good. The major sessions were held in a vast "executive retreat" atop a mountain overlooking the harbour in Sidney (Sydney Harbour could only have been slightly more picturesque you'll note from the attached evidence). The views made it pretty hard to concentrate though it did help that by the time I had to speak on the third day almost everyone was so damned relaxed from the sunshine and the fine food that they were too stupified to pay much attention. Probably about the easiest conference presentation I've ever done!


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