Sunday, July 08, 2007

My New Favourite Park!

Ok so finally after nearly two years I have discovered a private lookout park to rival the great bike ride destinations so common in Brisbane. I came across the aptly named Choklit park quite by chance as I was riding along 7th avenue yesterday - I literally gasped as I craned my neck to catch the view. Screeching to a halt I parked my bike and rested on the park bench a while taking photographs and drinking water as I caught my breath. As awesome spot to be sure! I know it may not look this way from this photo but summer is now in full swing around these parts - Andrea and I spent Friday night on third beach with our good mate Ezee (Elizabeth Zvonar so you can guess the rest) catching some sun, eating vege burgers and drinking the last of our party left overs. A great night and if the sun holds out today we will be in for a repeat in a couple of hours - too good.


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