Wednesday, August 01, 2007

This is the very definition of irony...

OK so I'm bumming around at work trying to find new ways to avoid finishing a research paper I need to get done by the end of the week before we leave for New York and I come across this on a blog I there you have it! Reasons why the internet is great and research papers are not!! Dinosaurs, bikini girls with rockets, jet fighters AND chocolate cake...updating my endnote file just isn't anywhere near as appealing.


At 6:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

emailed this to you but went to your work I put it is below.....goodbye!

Hey Cam!

Happy Birthday!!!! 34 hey….hmmmm, not that old…..Kate and I went out with a 38 year old on Saturday night and in the cab he proceeded to lament the fact that today’s generation don’t know how to kill and pluck a chook (can’t be that hard…Step 1 Put said chook on chopping block. Step 2 Chop. Step 3 Pluck feathers). The point being that if the shit goes down (which it will according to these clowns……no rain, weird weather, petrol prices going crazy,,,,,I think they just watch too much Today Tonight) we’re basically fucked because we won’t be able to fend for ourselves. The Lithuanian cabbage agreed with him but when we asked them if they’d ever killed and plucked a chook themselves, they hadn’t! Don’t become like this!!!!

Anyways, hope your day was awesome…good to have it on a Sunday, day of rest and all that…did you do anything exciting? Or anything boring? Ummm, I had a look at your Canadia blog – the rockies (‘That John Denver is full of shit!’) looked super cool. How far is that away from you guys? Your party looked cool too but what happened to the Napoleon (‘I like your sleeves!’) Dynamite dance contest? Too much alcohol….that’s not an excuse, it’s a reason!

I spose I better fill you in with what I’ve been up to…..not much! Kate and I are saving to go to Melbourne for Pa’s 30th (he was in the same grade as us at school, thus the ‘Pa’ name) in early September. It worked out really well because I’ve been saving up for a new engagement ring (diamond fell out of the last one….aaaaaaaaaages ago) for Kate so I was wondering how I would surprise her with it without giving the game away. Now we’re going to Melbourne so that takes care of that. So we’re going down for about five days – two days in the city and then up to the Yarra Valley for a few days. Was going to go skiing but too exy, so wine it is!

Other than that just been saving to go to Prague next year….its hard though because I’m trying to hide my savings from Kate because I want to surprise her with the ring. I have to seem like a scrooge and be a bit secretive but it should be worth it. After I pay for the ring ($3000) and Melbourne trip (about $2000) I should still have about $3000-$4000 in the going away fund! I’ve never saved so much in my life (never had above a grand to tell you the truth!) so it’s pretty cool. I got a $3000 tax return so that helped a bit too. Kate thinks I’ve got bugger all in the bank so the plan is to give her the ring and a deposit slip – she’ll be stoked! She’s very keen to go ‘feral’ and get away from the damn corporate world. Now I’ve just got to think of a way to give her the ring in Melbourne. Any suggestions?

Apart from that, not doing much…..oh, went to see the Arctic Monkeys on Saturday night…..very, very good! (Except cab ride home!!!) Current favourites are Anchorman (‘Sex Panther – 60% of the time, it works every time!’), eggs, looking up Wikepedia while working, cordial, Dead kennedy’s, Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars (‘This is the time for us to go back home’), backing winners….oh, we also got this new DVD surround sound thingy but the cool thing is you can plug an electric guitar into it and rock out through the speakers (I can play the first two chords of ‘Wild Thing’!). Also liking Temptation (old Sale of the Century…finally beat the Big Brother addiction!) but I’m sure you don’t really care about that.

Anyway, you should reply to this email and include things like what you’ve been up to and stuff like that….I believe this is how this system works! Also how is the lovely Andrea? Hope everything else is all good in Cameron’s hood and that you had a superfun birthday. Talk soon!



PS Once again sorry about speeling/grammatical errors!!!!


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