Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Costa Rica Celebrations

As usual, it has taken me some time to come down from the holiday high to begin to document said adventures in this fair archive. Costa Rica was simply beautiful as these photos will attest - a magic mix of far north queensland tropical wonders; Byron Bay hippie wierdness and central American novelty. The locals were fantastically friendly though of course we seemed to end up meeting more travellers and ex-pats at the beach we stayed at. Still we did yoga everyday at the on-site studio; we ate the most fantastic local organic vegetarian food; we swam, read books and generally lazed around. Apart from a couple of longish walks and the yoga, we did little to disturb our lazy summertime vibe across the whole ten days. A more relaxing, restorative and mojo-enhancing holiday I can scarcely remember! So much fun, though as usual I'll let the pix speak for themselves. Let's start with my record of the local menagerie of tropical beasts both fair and feral! We saw plenty of mad, feral monkeys in India but the local Costa Rica variety are another proposition again! We both loved them on their nightly visits through the forests right outside our bungalow, that is until the little bastards broke into our room one afternoon whilst we were at the beach and made off with a king's ransom of granola bars!


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