Sunday, November 02, 2008

Seems to be the night for updates...and predictions!

Another busy Sunday here as Anj and I rush to complete sundry last minute preparations before the big move back home next week. Monash's very generous relocation allowance has taken the real sting out of these preparations (we now no longer need to be anywhere near as brutal in deciding what stays and what goes) still, it's hard to really commit to cleaning out the hall-way cupboard when your boy is in the next room smashing all known developmental records - what with his expert penmanship and flawless recitations of Shakespeare's lesser known sonnets...seriously Anj and I were chuffed to see Master Amory lift his head clear off the table for the first time today - many weeks ahead of schedule! He needed a long lie down afterwards but then again so did Dean Jones after his double hundred in Madras in the 1988 tied test! I expect big things out of this boy - mark my words!

On another note I expect to have Obama home for 338 electoral college votes come Tuesday night. Here are my predictions - Obama seals the deal in Virginia with its 13 ECVs by around 8pm EST. Having held on in Pennsylvania and Ohio but dropped Indiana and North Carolina, Obama will bring it all back home in Virginia and then add Florida for the true icing on the cake, before sweeping the Rockies and the South West through Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico (Montana's my absolute smokey for the night but I won't call it yet!). I think the Dems will drop one or two short of the 60 seat filibuster in the Senate but pick up between 25 and 30 seats in the House. Finally I think Obama will come mighty close to breaking through 50% in the national presidential vote but I'm tipping 49.2%. He is absolutely guaranteed to receive the largest number of votes cast for any candidate running for President in US history. This is one to tell Amory Cormac about for sure! We weren't quite there Master Amory but Mum and Dad were very close!


At 3:20 AM , Blogger pen said...

is he doing yoga?
(amory not obama)


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