Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday Afternoon before a long weekend...what would you be doing?

OK so by now you probably figured out that not much is going on at work! All three managers "away sick" (read surfing at Tofino; on a plane to Sydney; getting drunk in a bar in Dublin) and me here surfing the internet. As the fourth nominal manager I get to stay behind at work and rouse on the last three remaining staff for being foolish enough to still be here stealing stationery and downloading music on a Friday before a long weekend when the sun is shining. Hmmm speaking of surfing the net, nothing else seems to make more sense here on a lazy friday afternoon. Jennifer wants my prevention report to her on her blackberry before she gets off the plane in Sydney in six hours. I'm betting that she was joking about that - if not this may well turn into a very long weekend. Anyway, nothing beats the eye of the tiger! I still have two hours to cobble something together...maybe I need a double espresso - tights and hair gel optional!


At 2:33 PM , Anonymous all of canada said...

sooooo....are starbucks paying you or are you hoping that next time you visit for a triple grande soy americano (i believe there is two convenient, dare i say cafes, within 100 metres at the end of your street), that they will have sent their staff to melbourne to see how they make a coffee a la cate at newtown social club....for you? or did you think that their sales needed boosting because they just don't really have enough brand recognition? or is it true you can admit it here in privacy.. you really do vote liberal?


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