Thursday, August 16, 2007

Birthday Fun New York City!!

Nothing quite like celebrating one's birthday in New York City - definitely one to remember - throw in a beer in brilliant sunshine in the rooftop sculpture garden at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art and one has quite a tasty combination. I'm much too exhausted to add much by way of written commentary on the week's event and would rather let these fantastic pix tell the story of the week. Besides everyone loves the pictures and you've all heard more than enough prolix rambling from me in these here 34 years. Suffice to say however, on the birthday front, that I'm back in the evens as they say so I know it's going to be a good year. For some reason ever since I had a premonition at 23 that my 24th year was going to be a cracker (which it was - PhD scholarship, little bit of lovin' etc) I've had a real preference for my even numbered birthdays. So you can understand that to celebrate 34 in NYC has only confirmed this odd little superstition of mine!!


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