Tuesday, February 05, 2008

More Monkeys!!

As I said, we both became very fond of the monkeys - seemingly like all western travellers to this part of the world. Probably my highlight of the whole trip occured chasing a small troupe of monkeys through the most beautiful tropical forest as I broke off the path of the Monetezuma waterfall in an attempt to photograph these monkeys after I had disturbed them drinking from the creek. Just amazing! The little buggers would always break off at the last minute just as I was about to snap the most perfect photograph - then of course than would stop just out of range and clamber up a tree and screech at me! Later, long after having given up on this fool's errand, I came across the full troupe at the entrance to the waterfall trail, being fed by a local for the amusement of all assembled (mostly tourists!). So I had the last laugh taking upwards of 100 photos as the full troupe scrambled about all over the place begging for bananas and nuts! What an amazing day!!


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