Wednesday, February 06, 2008

San Jose, Costa Rica

We only saw one small part of San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, on the first and last days of our trip but it certainly seemed very beautiful. The whole country really was gorgeous; very easy to travel through and the people were very friendly. Certainly the parts of the country we saw seemed very specifically organised to make life as easy as possible for western visitors - this took all of the hassle out of travelling there but also some of the romance and mystery too. Now I should also mention my developing penchant for photographing churches when Andrea and I travel - much to Andrea's dismay I might add. Still being a very Latin and Catholic nation, San Jose seemed to have a church on every second corner, and some monument to a great sage or church leader on every other corner. I couldn't get enough of this grand architecture though Andrea threatened to take the camera off me on numerous occasions - I'll let you decide who was right and who was wrong in this little drama!


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