Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Thanks Kim! Thanks Wayne

Hi Kim,

thanks so much for dropping by and leaving me the Four Corners link! Andrea and I have just finished watching the broadband footage and I can't begin to tell you how helpful this has been. To the extent that the methamphetamine market here in Vancouver is even more "mature" (as the local police put it), than Sydney, then certainly people are in for some tough decisions back home. What a great episode! The gonzo journalist following Mikey and his pals is one fearless chap that's for sure...for the rest of you with a decent broadband hook up I highly recommend checking this special out at:


two of my colleagues are about to leave for a conference in Sydney so I'm sure they will be fascinated by this footage - they don't mention this part of Darlinghurst in the lonely planet that's for damn sure.

Thanks too to Baby Wayne - I hope he kicks a bagful on the weekend. The roos are looking all right this season. They're in a bit better shape than the lions I daresay.


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