Monday, May 22, 2006

Ted and Mary's Rhododendron Garden

DSC01150, originally uploaded by cameronduff.

Around thirty years ago local amateur horticulturalists Ted and Mary Greig donated over 300 species of rhododendron to the City of Vancouver for planting in the vicinity of the great Stanley park. Many of these species had been developed by the Greigs themselves. Today, just outside our front door lie the fruits of this remarkable labour of love - Ted and Mary's Rhododendron Garden (insert three cheers now!). This beautiful garden rings the pitch and putt golf course just at the end of our street. Yesterday I finally conned Andrea into coming with me to tour the gardens and take photos - I don't much mind looking like a gawking tourist - though Andrea's less agreeable. I'd soon talked her around and we had a wonderful day - enjoy these great pix!


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