Tuesday, October 23, 2007

OK so I'm starting to relax...

I can't say that I'm as confident as Bill Leak, but yesterday's newspoll and a very polished performance in the debate on Sunday has me feeling much more sanguine about Rudd's chances. Gotta love the internet! Andrea and I have been able to follow almost all the key news online with most of the ABC's tv content eventually turning up on streaming video somewhere. Happy days! Perhaps we are more concerned to see Howard finally get his comeuppance - I know Andrea insists that an especially dismal corner of hell has been reserved for Howard and Ruddock as a result of the Tampa/Children Overboard travesty and I tend to agree. Perhaps the pair will be damned for all eternity to sit through video highlights of Rudd's cheesy smile. Better still the footage of Rudd's election night victory speech on endless repeat! Ok so I am getting a little ahead of myself but I still have vivid recall of Keating's famous "this is the sweetest victory of them all" speech in claiming victory in March 1993 - that was a long time ago for this poor political junkie. It's time for a repeat performance.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

andrea is busy and so am i

she made me a new painting this week
well it was a school project but i get to keep it
i promise i will write more soon.....