Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bubble Trouble

As I am sure I have mentioned before on this blog, a $2 bottle of instant bubbles is really all you need to send a toddler into near hysterics; sure made us all happy watching the little fella run around dispatching untold bubbles between his smacking hands. As Justin noted, it is also a great way to increase Amory's eye-hand coordination, and with Allister and Kate's gift of his first cricket set for christmas, my great dream of a son born to play first drop for Australia might be within sight. It also appears that a vacancy might be coming up in our once vaunted national team in that very spot...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Caloundra Storms

We all spent a delightful week at Caloundra with Ray and Tina, mostly avoiding rain as it turned out although most mornings were fine and dandy before the storms arrived. We passed our time each afternoon watching the storms roll in, the rain and finally the rainbows!

Fun at the GoMA

We visited Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art today with Damian and Louise to see the new "Art in the 21st Century" was top notch throughout with lots of interesting, thought-provoking, amazing and just plain fun works on show. We'll take Amory back int he next couple of days to explore the kids' galleries!