Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Damian!!!

Great song pity about the Duran Duran "Girls on Film" ripoff! I remember staying up to watch Chanel 7 play the AO version on Arene back in the day but that's another story. Andrea and I saw these guys live last Friday night and were a little disappointed - some great songs (like this one) but then a whole bunch of filler to round out the set. Still we had a good dance there for a while.

Happy Birthday Damian!!!

some more guaranteed keep the party moving show stoppers!

Happy Birthday Damian!!!!

This one is for big brother Damian - happy birthday sweet man!! Now if this doesn't get your Spanish party moving I don't know what will! Well ok the video from 1971 clearly shows that this group of Berlin art-rockers were better at the music than the images but what the hell - pass the sangria gringo...see I'm getting in some Spanish practice before Andrea and I hit Costa Rica in January - I know I need some more work...

Let the Good Times Roll

I can't tell you how much pleasure this past week has brought into the Cam'N'Anj household! I can't remember a week like it in politics - well not since that fateful night in a Taringa share house back in 1993 when Matt and I sat up watching Keating walk away with the unwinnable election...sweet indeed! I hope Howard gets an absolute pants-down "go home crying to your mummy" thrashing. I'm trying not to get too excited but I have to say Andrea and I are almost prepared to fly home for the election just to enjoy sitting in a Fitzroy Pub (the Labour in Vain of course) when the news comes in that Howard has lost Bennelong - that my friends would be worth the airfare alone! No offence Ma and Pa but this is history!