Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hooray for High-Chair Hijinks

And hooray too for alliteration of course! Today we have crossed a new threshold friends and family with Amory graduating from dinner on Mum or Dad's knees to his very on seat at the table - complete with harness (hey we all need a little help now and again with the maintenance of our verticality) and with dinner tray. Well the tray seems more like a surface for layering with pumpkin at the moment but it's all good. Most importantly Am loves it! As you will see from these pix he seems most proud of himself sitting up like a true gentleman. Happy days indeed! We also have a shot here of his first moment in a swing. He wasn't entirely sure of the virtues of said apparatus but I am sure he will get it soon enough. Melbourne has been turning on some magical Autumn days lately so I bet we will get another day in the park before too long.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Some New PIX

This baby business sure does get in the way of regular blogging - stills seems like raising the little prince is more important than blogging about him so I'n sure you'll excuse the delay in updating this site. Here are some pix from the recent Sydney Road festival with Graham and Lauren in attendance and some snaps from around the house. With some luck I can also upload some video footage but that will no doubt test me. All else is well.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Amory Updates

Apologies as always for the unforgivable delay in posting updates - then again moving cities and starting a new job have kept me rather busy of late. I will eventually get around to posting a summary of our fantastic summer road trip down the east coast from Brisbane to Melbourne though for now a new batch of pix attesting to young Amory's irresistible cuteness shall have to suffice! All is well nonetheless as you will see...