Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Fun

Apologies for the lengthy delays in posting new photos! Seems this blog has turned into something of a travel log and we've been blessedly landlocked this last couple of weeks, while I have anyway, and so things have been very quiet of late. Still it appears that spring has finally deigned to make an appearance here in the Northern hemisphere, despite yesterday's interruption which I shall soon document. I did not know that such a thing as frozen rain (as opposed to hail, snow and/or sleet) existed until Andrea and I were caught out in it yesterday afternoon. Before we knew it there were six inches of the stuff on the ground and we were all transported back to the depths of a very cold and grey November day! Now this was a pretty surreal experience given that we were scrambling home up our street under the cherry blossoms dodging the ice and snow - very bizarre! You will see from this series of photos that we have been enjoying a nice mild spring up until the aberrations of recent days - snow on Thursday morning for a good two hours and then this crazy frozen rain business yesterday. The sun however is out again today so with some luck all will be well. That way, we can get back to preparing our little one for the world outside the womb with some sunshine on our regular walks around the park. I hope all is well! Here are some photos of the local neighbourhood cherry blooms. These gorgeous blooms are now visible all over the west end and so on clear and sunny days the whole neighbourhood has taken on a very festive air!


At 7:03 AM , Blogger dell said...

hi travelers, I am very excited about a visit...

oohwee, baby!

At 7:13 AM , Anonymous all of canadia said...

see you soon dellie! we cant wait to visit berlin!


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